HoneyCarrot™ Originals: Original designs will be restocked but may return with new variants or in a new product type. Older variants of a design will restocked or retired based on popularity.

[LIMITED] Collection:  Get them while you can! These designs are called LIMITED for a reason! They are available for purchase/preorder for a limited time and may run out quickly. Items in this collection might be restocked only if there's a high preorder demand.  Available items in this collection will only be in the shop for a handful of launch days throughout the year and during storewide sales/updates. Please look out for announcements and preorder interest posts on Instagram!

Restocks are only considered once we have low stock for the design (includes all variants).

For example, if we sold out of standard grade or a variant but have plenty of seconds grade for that design and/or multiple variants of the design still available, it will not be considered for restock.