All orders will be delayed because of Covid-19 and delivery times will take longer than normal. Thank you for your patience :)

Pin Grading

Pins are HANDMADE ITEMS so they naturally have slight flaws that can occur during production. Realistically no handmade item is perfect, so we sort our inventory to ensure that you are able to get the best quality available.

STANDARD: No major defects but may have barely noticeable flaws that naturally occur during the production process. Standard grade is the best pins available.

SECONDS: More visible flaws but perfect for wearing! The best choice if you're on a budget and you'll love the design regardless. LIMITED seconds pins are only available during sales.

Not sure if you'll like our seconds pins? Check out our reviews on our Instagram story highlights :) Poor quality pins that do not pass our inspection will not be sold online. We don't sell pins that are highly damaged, missing posts, or have huge quality issues.

By purchasing from HoneyCarrot, you accept our grading policy. Seconds pins are non-refundable/exchangeable.