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Combining Orders

We can combine orders as long as it hasn't shipped! 

When you place your next order, just mention your previous order # in the notes and say that would you like to combine them. You can also respond to your order confirmation email with the new order # if you're in a rush or forget to leave a note.

Can I change my address?

Yes, as long as your order hasn't shipped! Please reply to your order confirmation email with your new address.

Please include this information:
• Order Number
• Email address you used for your order
• New address

Where is my order?

Note: Orders have taken a bit longer to arrive due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. We really appreciate your patience!

If your order hasn't shipped and you purchased a preorder item, please review the preorder page for the most current information about the fulfillment timeline.

If your order has shipped already, please double check your email inbox. You should have received a shipping notification email once your order has shipped out. Please contact your local post office for shipping-related questions if you have already received a tracking number.

Please review our Shipping Policy for additional information about shipping ♡

Where is my preorder?

Preorder status is updated in each preorder listing. Please see our Preorder page for more information ♡

Shipping Information

Please review our Shipping Policy for information about our current order processing time, shipping methods, and our insurance policy ♡

I have a problem with my order

Please reply to your order confirmation email or contact us using the form below. Please include your order number and detailed information so we can provide a prompt resolution.

Shop Info

Do you restock?

HoneyCarrot™ Originals: Designs may restock in new variants or in a new product type based on the popularity. (ie: designs may return as a sticker, charm, etc.) Restocks are usually only considered once we completely sell out of multiple color variants.

[LIMITED] designs:  Get them while you can because these designs might not come back. Items in this collection will only be considered for restock if there is a high demand. Preorders will determine the initial stock and restock quantities. Please look out for preorder interest posts on Instagram!

How do you grade pins?

Pins are HANDMADE ITEMS so they can have slight flaws that naturally occur during production. Realistically no handmade item is perfect, so we sort our inventory to ensure that you are able to get the best quality available. Prices will be marked down for lower graded pins ♡

Standard Grade:

May have barely noticeable imperfections under close inspection. Standard grade are the best pins available in each design/batch. If there is a minor flaw that is across more than 20% of each batch, that will be considered part of the standard grade for that design/batch. No major flaws will be considered standard grade.

B Grade:

Noticeable minor flaws but very close to being a Standard grade pin.

C Grade:

Only available during annual/semi-annual sales! Visible minor and/or major flaws. Discounted and perfect for those on a budget!  

Check out our reviews on our Instagram story highlights or Etsy shop ♡ Poor quality pins that do not pass our inspection will not be sold. We don't sell pins that are highly damaged, missing posts, or have horrible quality issues. 

Minor flaws:
• Stray glitter
• Wiggly posts
• Mis-filled enamel in a tiny area
• Low fill or spillover in small areas
• Tiny dents, specks of dust, scuffing, or scratches
• Minor discoloration only noticeable in certain angles
• Small areas of thickened metal lines
*** Pins with large areas of metal are more likely to have small scratches/scuffs, or water marks that naturally occur during the polishing process. ***

Major flaws:
• Missing enamel fill
• Mis-filled enamel in large or focal areas
• Low fill or spillover in large or focal areas
• Deep dents or large scratches
• Excessive bubbles or dust in enamel, glitter, or epoxy

By purchasing from HoneyCarrot, you accept our pin grading policy.

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