How to make pins!

How to make pins!

Enamel Pins 101

Becky Helms @ The Pink Samurai has a whole online course about enamel pins and we have been enrolled since it first launched! We often join the monthly coaching calls and share our personal experience with pin-making - especially sharing who we use to make our pins! We highly recommend this course if you're serious about being a pin maker and want to have the smoothest start on your pin making journey! 

Course includes:

  • Our personal direct and middleman manufacturers ♥
  • How to make pins - From file prep to all the customization options!
  • Tips to setting up your business, shop, and social media!
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A coaching calls with Becky and other pin makers! 
  • Discord chat for personal support!
  • Social media marketing tips and 365 days worth of prompts!
  • Illustrator lessons specifically made for pin makers!

If you signup via this link you’ll get $150 off! Sign up for Enamel Pins 101 today!

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