Getting Started with 3D Rendering

Getting Started with 3D Rendering

Hubby Bear is a full-time 3D Generalist (specializing in animation, editing, and motion design) and over the years we have invested in his continuing education, software, and building custom computers for a mini home rendering network (and for gaming lol).

We actually make a 3D rendering for every pin we design! Although we don't always post them 😅  The renders help us identify any major design flaws and help with finalizing our color and plating decisions. It's a tedious extra step for us, but we love the extra reviewal/critique process so we can further optimize our designs before we send them off to a manufacturer.

To create our renders, the main software used is either Blender or Cinema 4D. Then we use a mixture of After Effects or Photoshop depending on the type of render we want to make (motion vs stills).

If you're interested in learning how to make 3D renders for your own pins, we recommend to start out with the 3D capabilities in Photoshop or Illustrator if you have it. Or you could try using Blender which is a free 3D program!

Low Cost / Free 3D Software:

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